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Google celebrates U.S. Independence Day with Virtual Fireworks in Search and a baseball game

Google is celebrating U.S. Independence Day, 4th of July with an interactive Doodle with a backyard BBQ ball game- and classic American summertime snacks are stepping up to the plate for a chance to hit it out of the park!

Searching for 4th of July or "Fourth of July" will give you a splashing virtual fireworks on the screen of your desktop or mobile with a light show, and baseball-themed Google Doodle.

Any time you hit the ball, depending on your timing - a single, double or a home run will be rewarded for you.

The color of the pitcher's hat give away what type of pitch is coming, you'll get three strikes before the game over. And when you're presented with a "trading card" of one of nine players, all of which have punny names.

Happy Independence Day America, #fourthofjuly,#FourthofJuly

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