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Sue Ramirez go sexy on 'Cuddle Weather' movie

Warm up your September with Sue Ramirez on her newest movie 'Cuddle Weather'. People are freaking out over her 'Cuddle Weather' poster, showing her and RK Bagatsing cuddling together.

"Ang pag-ibig na hindi lang huhugot, babaon pa!" Ramirez wrote on Instagram post. 
The movie centers on two sex workers who agree to be a "cuddle partners," as reported by Inquirer.

Here's the recently shared sneak peek of the steamy movie for this year, where the two was praised for their dedication on their craft

A post shared by rod marmol (@rodmarmol) on

"Grabe itong araw na ito. Everyone stepped up their game to make all the scenes come to life. We shot three crazy sex scenes. Yung isa dun 1-long-take pa na "montage". Na montage!!! This day was a reminder of how magical filmmaking really is. Mad props for Adela (@sueannadoodles) and Ram (@bagatsingrk) sa pagiging mga tunay at matatapang na aktor. Napakaraming celebrities sa panahon ngayon, pero kakaunti lang ang totoong artista. Great job to all the staff and crew! Kahit umuulan maghapon, buhay na buhay lahat! On to our next shoot!"


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