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Griller's Oyster House Villamonte: Oysters and seafood galore

Living on an archipelago has a lot of perks - Negros island offers beautiful beaches, plus an abundance of seafood all-year round.

Griller's Oyster House at the new government center in Villamonte is serving freshest catch and you can also try a lot of dishes that put the spotlight on this precious ocean-dwelling protein, whether it's fish, crabs, shrimps, squid, or what have you. 

The place offers all the fresh oysters you want with the earthy sweetness apart from any of the oysters you've tried before. Hit that spicy sauce and squeeze of kalamansi, and you'll enjoy it without that weird, fishy aftertaste.

If you're done of the oyster, then you may try something different such as grilled chicken, other fish serve with soup, shrimps, squid, and others shell products.

If you're looking for fresh and undeniably good oysters, delightful food, and sensational staff, then you'll want to swing by Griller's Oyster House 

New Government Center Market Place Container Van Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod city.


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