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Japan Airlines CEO Takes A Bus To Work And Gets A Salary Less Than His Other Employees

This Japanese Airlines CEO will reminds us of what a great boss should really be like. Haruka Nishimatsu, CEO of Japan Airlines was a real boss for those who know him - and should be paying close attention by many corporate bosses to.

Nishimatsu is working like a normal employee for his company. He takes the bus going to work, he wears a suits from a discount store, and he is receiving a monthly salary lower than that of the average CEO. He waited in line for food, paid for his meals and ate in the cafeteria together with his employees so that he can build a stronger and more dedicated workforce.

During the time that the company suffered from financial hardships, he even significantly cut his own wages to avoid downsizing employees and cutting into their pay.

Nishimatsu was known for believing that leaders are supposed to sacrifice and share work with his employees. Unfortunately, like some other businesses in the world during the global recession, Japan Airlines was forced to file for bankruptcy and Nishimatsu resigned in 2010 as Kyocera founder.

The video below will say it all:


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