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Sant Jordi Meat Corner by SJFI offers fresh and frozen world class quality meat

Bacolod City, Philippines -  When we talk of steaks, the usual vision is of fine dining restaurant with expensive wine. But apparently, one can now enjoy premium steaks and other quality meats in your home. The shop offers a wide variety of frozen meats that will give you enough choices for any type of meal you might want to serve your family.

The Sant Jordi Meat corner beef gets its quality from the extra attention that they give for their cows from birth to beef to produce soft, flavourful beef.

Long or short, thin or thick, you gotta love a good, meaty Cristorra, the newest chorizo served at Sant Jordi Meat Corner by SJFI. People are now talking this mouth-watery chorizo craze in Bacolod. Pair them with beer, have them with bread, or just scarf them down on their own, you're sure to have a good treat.

The store is located at Bugnay Street, near the University of Saint La Salle which offers deli meats such as hams, smoked sausages and a bunch of other delicious stuff fresh from the farm.

You can dropped by their store and pick for your food choice of the day starting from steaks, short-ribs,top-rounds, belly, ground meat, briskets, tails, tripe, tongue, chucks, bones and shanks.

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