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Six-year-old YouTuber Buys $11 Million Five-Storey Property in Korea

Wow! A six-year-old South Korean YouTube sensation has bought a five-storey property worth US$11 million South Korea.

Boram, a young YouTube celebrity who's boasting a followers of more than 30 million for her two YouTube channels leaves people in awe. The 258 sq.m property in Seoul suburb of Gangnam was bought in April, reported in The Korea Herald. 

Her two YouTube channels - Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog has estimated with monthly sales whooping to US$3.1 million.

Boram Tube Toys Reviews has gained huge popularity worldwide by introducing and reviewing toys gives her the upportunity to earn at her very young age.

And she's not the first child to become a millionaire in YouTube, after it was revealed that Ryan Toys Review, a 7-year-old internet sensation who topped the Forbes Richest YouTubers list in 2018. 

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