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Australian Children Can Now Select Their Own Gender On Birth Certificates

Several Australian states now introduce a law allowing adults including children to choose their preferred gender on their birth certificates.
        Photo Credit: AAP/PA Images

The state of Victoria was the fifth Aussie state to adopt such law after 26 legislator voted against 14 opposing members.

This means trans-gender individuals now have the option to alter their birth certificate without undergoing any gender reassignment surgery. Children will also have the same option provided that they they have parental consent and a statement from doctors that will indicate the gender change will be good to the child.

Gender activists were very happy to the latest legislative achievement, but not surprisingly that there are some who were against the moved.

Bernie Finn, a Liberal MP said that the new law is an "attack on our society," pointing out that a male with female birth certificate may take advantage of the "to molest women... and young girls."

Attorney-General Jill Hennesty however said, "These important new laws are about ensuring everyone can live their life as they choose, and that includes having a birth certificate that reflects their true identity.

"The current surgery requirement sends a painful and false message that there is something wrong with being trans or gender diverse that needs to be ‘fixed’ – that’s why we’re removing this cruel and unfair barrier," The Age reported.

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