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De La Salle University Develops Robot That Can Aid To Post-Stroke Patient's Rehabilitation Process

The De La Salle University's Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Health Technologies has developed a 3D-printed wearable robot. 'Agapay Exoskeleton' was designed to help the recovery of patients who suffered from upper limbs movement.

         Photo Credit: De La Salle University website

The new therapy innovation is pure Filipino-made which was supported by the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (DOCT-PCHRD), presented during the National Science and Technology Week.

Agapay provides a safe, comfortable and user-friendly experience during therapy exercise.

"A real-time bifeedback system is integrated to record neuromuscular activity using surface eletromyography (sEMG). This device shall be able to perform active and passive motion exercises through gamification using integrated haptics and a graphical user interface," the website said.

The target was to help post-stroke and injured patients during the performance and rehabilitation process.

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