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Japan launches 5G Virtual Reality technology for sporting events

Watching from a distance to any sporting event is totally a waste of time and money, as it wasn't give you a total satisfying moment. But don't worry, technology will solve that problem as Japan introduces its 5G technology to any sporting events. These high-speed high-capacity network is due to become available in Japan next year. 

     Photo grab at NHK report

Spectators with 5G-capable tablets  could view the action from various angles using images captured by 30 cameras. Some uses on a virtual reality (VR) headsets to a more immersive experience. 

"One of the spectators says he was able to see players as if standing under the basketball hoop and catch every move they made," according NHK report.

NTT Docomo will be offering trials of its 5G technology at the Rugby World Cup that will open to Japan next month.

Source: NHK

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