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La Comuna Cafe is your next Instagrammable Food and Drink Spot in Metro Bacolod

Address: 2467 Kamunsil street, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City
Contact Number:+63 34 458 7841

Let's be real. These age of social media, we don't walk into a restaurant without knowing if we can at least grab a descent photo op out of it. The food presentation is not the only thing that's important when looking for a place to eat.

Sometimes, the biggest criteria that people are looking now a days is how Instagrammable the place is. And if you're interested in visiting a new place in Bacolod with Instagrammable spots and great food, of course! Check out this restaurant in Villamonte -  La Comuna Cafe has a relaxing and special corners for the Instagram-conscious diners!

Korean Style Chicken Wings. Sick and tired of wings that are all flour and no wing? So are we! La Comuna Wings are extra crisp and deliciously tangy. You'll wonder why you ever settled for mediocre wings in the first place.

Ms. Laureen Uy is in the house.

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