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This Pinay Post on Twitter landed as a Billboard in New York Subway

A Twitter user Tiffany Candelaria has instantly became famous after one of her Tweet landed as a billboard in the busy subway station in New York City. The 24-year-old Candelaria was surprised when she received message from the company 'Twitter' last August 9 saying that her Tweet was chosen for their new ad campaign.

Candelaria posted two contrasting photographs showing her two sides on how she usually behaves on Instagram and Twitter. The photo was a screenshot of her  Tweet last May 1, 2019 during her Boracay gate away with two sections captioned as: "Me on Instagram vs me on Twitter. 

The first photo shows Candelaria on a double-tapped posed, well photographed clad in a two-piece bikini. While the next photo showing her wearing the same outfit, lying under the sun however, with all the messy stuff on the backdrop.

Now her billboard can be seen at the 53rd avenue and 5th subway in New York. Couldn't believe to the news, Candelaria tweeted her followers who are currently in the US to track down the billboard saying "WHAT'S HAPPENING, @Twitter? sino nasa states someone track down my billboard lmao."

And it's happening, one of her Twitter follower even confirmed and made a picture to one of her billboard wall in New York subway.

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