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Isa Pa With Feelings Full Trailer Released

Brace yourself for the full trailer of 'Isa Pa With Feelings' as it was unveiled on Saturday with much online hype, flood with hastag #IsaPaWithFeelingsTrailer. Now, the full trailer will complete your interrupted excitement from previous clip which showcased the promising chemistry of the two stars in the opposite network. 

The romantic comedy is about Gali, played by Carlo Aquino, and Mara (Maine Mendoza) - two broken people who find each other. 

On the start of the clip it shows a complete silent but from there you could see a perfect chemistry. Carlo (Gali) plays a deaf man and Mara (Maine) who two are neighbors and later fall in love.

"Isa Pa With Feelings" brings Maine and Carlo together for the first time in the big screen.

The movie is scheduled to release October 16.

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