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Around 900 children infected by HIV after doctor uses infected syringes

A doctor in Pakistan was allegedly accused of using the same needle to his patients. Dr Muzaffar Ghanghro, a pediatrician was arrested and charged with negligence and manslaughter, after nearly 900 children have tested positive for HIV. 

The doctor offer only 16p a visit was one of the cheapest in the city. Approximately 200 adults also tested positive for HIV since the epidemic in Ratodero was confirmed in April.

Imtiaz Jalbani had six children treated by Dr Ghangro - four of whom later tested positive of HIV. The two died within months of being infected, the Sun reported.

Another parent with three children told Reuters that the doctor "applied the same drip on 50 children without changing the needle."

Dr Ghangro has not been convicted and denied the accusation saying he is innocent.

Officials believe he is unlikely to be the sole source of the outbreak.

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