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Hilarious Wedding Bloopers Caught On Cam After Groom Spotted Sweet Moment With Bridesmaid During Photoshoot

Funny and strange things happened at a wedding all the time, no matter how much you plan. But, this incident make for some great stories to tell at anniversaries or by looking back in the future those funny moments.

In the video shared by Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar, the newlyweds together with the entourage were seen preparing for a photo opportunity after the wedding ceremony. The official photographer invite them to do a wacky posed, however, he noticed that the groom accidentally had a sweet moment with the bridesmaid instead of his bride.

Behind the camera, the photographer instructed the group to move closer, touching the cheeks a little bit with each other. But then it was interrupted when a photographer noticed a little confused groom unexpectedly lean his head towards the bridesmaid.

That moment brought everyone so much laughter and even the bride has come to realize that she forgot his groom during a cheek to cheek moment.

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