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McDonald's Has Four New Sweet Treats To Offer This Holiday

We have to admit that the longest holiday celebration in the Philippines is fast approaching and McDonald's has a little treat for their valued customers. McDonald's adds the newest fun twists on their classic flavors with their Dreamy Delights line. The Coffee McFlurry with Oreo, at PHP49, is what you need for a fix caffeine with vanilla soft-serve sundae and topped with crushed Oreos.

Rich Chocolate Pie, at PHP39, this Pie is made out of cocoa beans from Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Ghana has a cocoa-flavored crispy pie crust and dark chocolate filling inside. 

The newest Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls, at PHP49, or the Milk Tea McFloat with Pearls (PHP75), might be your newest bestie that is hard to say no.

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