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Student dies after teacher forces him to run 20 laps as punishment for being late

A 14-year-old student in Indonesia died after he was ordered  by his teacher to run 20 laps around the school ground for coming to class late. 

       Photo Credit: Guanghua Daily

Fanly Lahingide felt dizzy on his second lap while running under the hot sun and begged his teacher to let him rest, but it was allegedly denied his request. The student collapsed from exhaustion and hot weather. He was then rushed to the hospital, however doctors pronounced him dead later.

According to Guanghua Daily, Fanly's 46-year-old mother, Julin Mandiangan, said still she cannot figure it out why it happened as she claimed her son has no medical history. 

Meanwhile, the father Joni Lahingide said that his son informed the teacher that the weather is very hot, but he was still forced to run under the heat of the unbearable weather.

Fanly's family are now seeking justice for their son, and they are waiting for the autopsy results that could determine the cause of his death.

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