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Brazil's president point finger to DiCaprio for paying Amazon fires

Brazilian president has thrown blames to Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio of financing fires being set in the Amazon rainforest. Without presenting any evidence, Bolsonaro appeared to be commenting against DiCaprio telling, "This Leonardo DiCaprio's a cool guy, isn't he? Giving money for the Amazon to be torched."

On similar claim earlier in a Facebook live broadcast, "Leonardo DiCaprio, dammit, you're collaborating with the burning of the Amazon," Bolsonaro said to unsupported claim.

WWF has denied receiving a donation from DiCaprio or obtaining photos from the firefighters.

Di Caprio has denied donating to the WWF.

Bolsonaro's son, Eduardo also claimed that DiCaprio donated $300,000 to "the NGO that set fire to the Amazon" and accused the conservation group WWF of paying the NGO for photographs of the burning forest.

WWF rejected those claims and the attacks on its partners,“WWF Brazil rejects the attacks on its partners and the lies involving its name, including a series of lie-based social media attacks such as the purchase of photographs linked to a donation from the actor Leonardo DiCaprio,” it said in a statement.

The Hollywood actor, philanthropist, and environmentalist who became very vocal on behalf of combating climate change, has donated $5 million to help combat the Amazon fires in August. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has also focused on protecting "vulnerable wildlife from extinction."

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