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Beggars in China now accepting mobile payments so you can't say 'No'

Digital payments nowadays is a growing trend that even beggars in China are now upgrading there self into a cashless transactions. Well, the next a beggar will approach in China, you might not be able to say 'No' or "simply by saying sorry, I don't have spare change".

Beggars have begun to accept wireless donations via mobile phones where a QR code was used for money transfer. Others are also been seen hanging a card on  their on their neck with a printout of a QR code. 

Social media user Fazil Irwan shared a photo on his Facebook account showing how a cashless transactions has been made between a beggar and a kind citizen. According to him, it was a group dinner with friends in China, while they are on their way, they were stopped by a beggar who asked one of his friends for money.
At first her friend told the beggar that she was not carrying any cash. To her surprise, the beggar told her it's ok, and immediately showed up her phone with a QR code to transfer donations via WeChat pay.

Beggars in China are mostly using WeChat and Alipay apps which both support direct mobile payments.

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