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Moirra Dela Torre becomes a barista for a day to raise money for quake victims

Moirra spend her birthday at a milk tea shop as barista to raise fund for Mindanao quake victims. Moirra was spotted yesterday, November 4 at Macao Imperial Tea branch in Ayala Columns, Makati City. She had then left a donation box where people can place their donations for the victims.

      Photo credit: Moira Dela Torre Instagram
On her Instagram post, Moirra stated, "For my birthday today, I am Barista Moi in @macaoimperialteaph Makati Ayala Columns branch again and leaving this donation box here for those who want to help the people affected by the earthquake in Mindanao. 

"So many lost their homes and loved ones. They also don’t have access to water among so many other things…and so for my birthday I wanna ask for your help to send whatever amount you can to them. Come drop by and let me make you a milk tea and help me send whatever help we can to the people of Mindanao. 

"I’ll be here until 6Pm. This will be the best gift. Sending my love and prayers to everyone affected. Thinking of you guys today. "

May Moirra and other celebrities inspired everyone to reach help for our fellowmen who seriously needs help as this kind of calamity hit unexpectedly. 

Moira Dela Torre and her husband Jason Hernandez co-owns the said milk tea store.

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