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Nigerian scam P8-M from elderly woman whom he had a relationship online

A Nigerian was arrested in Cavite, where he scammed P8-M from  an elderly woman whom he had a relationship with online. 

Anti-Cybercrime Unit of Calabarzon police arrested the suspect named Chimaobi Michael Orijianya after he received P380, 000 from a money mule who took the money at the bank. 

Money mules are the one who create bank account to take the money. Then, the victim will send the money to money mule. 

An elderly woman named "Maria" a 67 year old, widowed  from Cagayan Valley was scammed by Orijianya, her Nigerian boyfriend. 

Last year, he met and had a relationship online with Raymund  Santos. 

Santos introduced himself as an engineer and contractor in Malaysia but he said that his project is done and need to go back to London, United Kingdom. 

But, Santos said that his baggage was on hold at Malaysian airport and claimed to have $28M on it. 

In exchange for this, Maria will be the beneficiary. However, Maria sent P8M already for a year to different accounts given by Santos. 

The money mule named "Lita" cooperates with the entrapment operation against Orijianya. 

The authority then discovered that Orijianya's visa was expired but he insisted. Orijianya has now faced estafa case. 

The police authority warned the public against love scammed. They even called the attention of the other victims to stand out and file a case against Orijianya. 

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