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Lion Air Flight Attendant Helping The Elderly Passenger Eat Her Meal Is Gaining Online Praise

Humanity at its best. A footage that was shared on Instagram has melted the hearts of many Indonesians, showing a Lion Air flight attendant  helping the elderly passenger to eat her food once again is a kind action that is worth sharing. 
      Photo credit: armainiimay Instagram
Instagram user Armaini Imay has captured the moment on a flight from Surabaya to Palangkaraya, "I was amazed to see the dedication of a crew member who patiently served a 117-year-old woman," she wrote.

Armaini narrated that the elderly woman had refused to fasten her seat belt after take off and asked if she can leave the plane.

However, this dedicated Lion Air flight attendant who's identified as Donny Prima Yuszela is a hero of that day as he gave his best to comfort the woman by giving her a warm cup of tea and help her feed during midflight.

Donny started to entertain the elderly by talking with her while assisting for her food.

"He fed her gently as if she was his own mother and managed to convince her to put on her seat belt," Armaini said.

Speaking to local media, Donny explained that he had just returned from his duty and offer the woman some tea. He was concerned about the woman that she might not be able to eat her meal because the flight was delayed.

"I accompanied the elderly lady because I wanted her to feel comfortable," said Donny.

 "I served her as I would serve my mother,"  He added.

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