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Satisfying be4 Steakhouse Chonburi

Have a great dining experience at be4 steakhouse Chonburi. Pleasant food awaits that you will love. Their steakhouse is very clean with friendly staff and good service.

Steak House offers the following menus with the price:
Most of their menu comes with vege salad, fries and garlic bread

  • Beverages
  • Juice
  • Fruity
  • Soda
  • Beer

Beef Menu – variety of beef menu to choose that are so yummy and juicy @259Baht – 489Baht

PORK LOVER’S MENU – pork chop, steak, BBQ, teriyaki and glazed pork will fill in your empty stomach @99Baht -259Baht

CHICKEN PARADISE MENU – chicken menu that you can choose at its affordable price with 99Baht-159Baht you can enjoy these delicious steak

SAILOR’S MENU –perfect place for seafood lovers as it offers delightful menu from 89baht -229baht

PREMIUM BUGER – yummy burger fillings and patty @99baht- 119baht

SAUSAGES – kids will definitely enjoy this place because they will love sausages combo @89baht-279baht

THE SPAGHETTI – if you wish to eat pasta they offer this flavorsome dish at its cheapest price @99Baht – 159baht

SALAD PARADISE –On a diet? Worry no more choose and eat salad at steak house that starts from 109baht to 149baht

Rice Meals – starts from 99Baht-149Baht

Soup- starts form 39Baht – 59Baht

Snack Fantacy- starts from 39Baht -159Bah

Combination Supreme –hungry stomach will give you this supreme meal starts from 159Baht- 319Baht

Jumbo set –share with a friend with their combo set @319Baht

How to get there?

If you pass by Chalermthai in Chonburi City, you ride a blue songtaew going to be4 steak house. The steak house is at the left side of the road. Or you can ride a motorcycle going to be4.

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