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Senior High student selling food in school to support his education wins online praise for his hardwork

A senior highschool student from VMA Global College in Bacolod has gained online praised after a photos of him selling food to his fellow students in school went viral.
Photo credit:Lourenze Kent Necesario Apelo FB

Lourenze Kent Necesario Apelo posted the now viral photos on his Facebook, showing the unknown hardworking student selling food during his free time has touched the heart of many netizens. The student who used to go around the campus to sell food for his education is a rare encounter and really worth sharing.

According to Apelo's post, he bought four pieces of "LUMPIA" to the student, to his delight the student replied and thanked him with a captivating word "pang finals lang," it means that he sell  food to pay for his tuition fee.

"Pre pa bakla q apat b..sya, salamat pre pang finals lang," Apelo said on his post.

Social media users flooded Facebook with praise for the hardworking student and penned some inspiring message with cheers.

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