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Tell Me Why the world's first transgender adventure game to release by 2020

A movie entitled “Tell Me Why is the first video game to have a transgender main character. It set to make history as it features first playable transgender.

Tyler is name of world’s first transgender protagonist from a major video game. Xbox Game Studios made the announcement during Transgender Awareness Week. It was the French video game studio DONTNOD Entertainment created the game. GLAAD collaborated with the game’s creator to develop Tyler. 

Tyler has a sister named Alyson who help him solve a mystery about their childhood. They were separated for a decade. They both have special powers that allow them to share thoughts and memories which help them uncover their childhood mystery.

“Over the course of the story, players will explore the identical twins’ different memories of key events and choose which memory to believe…ultimately, the choices players make determine the strength of the twins’ bond”, said Florent Guillaume, the Game Director.

The developer hired a transgender man to voice the part of Tyler and consulted with LGBT+ media and organization GLAAD to ensure legitimacy.

According to their General Manager of XBOX, Aaron Greenberg that the developers had brought Tyler’s character in a thoughtful and inclusive way of life.

The team were so proud of their movie since it’s very unique and the LGBTQ community and fans will respond positively to this.

Catch “Tell Me Why” this summer 2020.

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