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This spoiled dog is living his best life with this man - go viral

As many dog owner will tell, a dog is so much more than a pet and the feeling is mutual. A dog is your best friend, a travel buddy, your confidant and your shoulder to cry on. It's a feeling that's impossible to describe - but once in a blue moon, the rare heartwarming moment was captured on film.

Photo Source: Twitter/ Shainna Suello

A Twitter user Shainna Suello shared a photo of her father and his beloved dog having the bond that we just usually saw in human.
According to the uploader of this photo, she accidentally overheard her father talking to his beloved dog in one of the corner in their home. It turned out that someone was yelling and took the dog out of the kitchen when the dog Nickoy tried to reach the food on top of the dining table.

In unusual scene she saw his father cuddling his dog Nickoy giving him the authority and instructed him to not anyone do this to him in the future.

"For 8 years you've given me joy, ayaw jud sugot kasaban ka ha? ayaw sugot gina pagawas sa kusina. maypag siya mugawas. Love tika ha,"  Suello said on her post.

(For 8 years you've give me joy, don't let anyone scold or let you dragged out in the kitchen - better they will go out, referring to the person who dragged Nickoy out from the kitchen. I love You.)

"My father loves dogs. I was raised in a household filled with dogs, we have 10 dogs and this particular dog, Nickoy, has a special place in my dad’s heart," she said.

"Every dinner, Nickoy always comes inside our kitchen, he never comes out for food he just likes the feeling of being with the family," he added.

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