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Jon Bon Jovi opened two restaurants to feed the poor for free

Jon Bon Jovi, the legendary musician of the 80s is now making a bold move to make our world a better place. He isn't not just a rock star in his community but also a star for humanity.

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In 2006, he founded The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation which aims to support community efforts to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness. The rocker and philanthropist opened The Soul Kitchen, in Red Bank, New Jersey promise its customers a unique dining experience. 

The community restaurant have caught the attention of many for a charitable work as well as unique working model.
       Photo credit: jbjsoulkitchen
The JBJ Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant that does not have a designated price on any of their menu. People who are struggling financially can eat for free and allowed to pay whatever available meal they wish by helping to serve meals or work in the kitchen in exchange for food. But, those who can afford a meal are encouraged to donate $20.

The second one opened in 2016 near Toms River, an area that was greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. So far JBJ Soul Kitchen has already served over 105,893 meals, where 54% of those meals were paid for with donations and the rest 46% were earned by volunteering.

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The menu were served using fresh, local and organic ingredients consists of 3 inspired American cuisine. Soul Kitchen makes sure that the food they are serving are both delicious and nutritious.

Last January 2019, the restaurant offered free meals to federal workers and family members who were affected by the federal government shutdown.

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