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This Japan's 'wind phone' allows people to talk to departed loved ones

This black disconnected rotary phone allows people to feel like their lost loved ones are just listening on the other line.

Since the East Japan Earthquake and the accompanying tsunami of 2011, many people passed away in a quick manner that they don't even have the chance to say goodbye from each other.

This is the idea why the 72-year-old garden designer Itaru Sasaki build the "Kaze no Denwa" which translate to "phone of the wind" in the calm sea in the Namiita area of Otsuchi.

Originally, Sasaki build the telephone booth after the death of his cousin.

The garden is open to all, and there is a notebook placed beside the telephone used by visitors to write messages for their loved ones. 

During an interview with NHK, Sasaki said, since his "thoughts couldn't be relayed over a regular phone line, he wanted them to be carried on the wind."

After the place has been exposed to media,  thousands of people visited the wind phone - aims to convey their messages to their departed loved ones by the wind.

Around 1285 people died or went missing during a tsunami devastated the area of Otsuchi in March 2011. 

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