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China coronavirus outbreak is linked to bat soup sold at Wuhan market, authorities urge citizens to stop eating it

The world are on eyes to new virus which has killed at least 17 people and infected nearly 600 people in China. This deadly Wuhan coronavirus is speculated to originate from bat soup served in the Wuhan market, the epicenter of the virus. 

     Photo Credit: China Press

New findings found that the protein codes in the virus are similar to that of snakes. Snakes often hunt bats in the wild that being sold in the local seafood market in Wuhan, raising possibility that the virus might have jumped from the host species - bats - to snakes, CNA reported.

Footage of controversial soap emerged on social media this week, which have speculated that bats could host the virus after Wuhan residents eating bat soup.

However, how the virus could adapt to both the cold blooded and warm blooded hosts remains a mystery.

This is where bat soup are prepared and it can be seen in the disturbing images, with parts of the broth floating inside its stomach, along with its teeth.

Wuhan China is putting on lockdown a city of 11 million people considered the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak. 
       Source: China Press
Cases have been continue to spread global, prompting China to shut down all urban transport networks and suspend outgoing flights from the city. Adding that the government is urging the public to not leave the city in the absence of special circumstances.

The virus, which can pass from person-to-person, has been reported in Thailand, Japan and South Korea, raising concerns about its spread through international air travel.

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