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Disturbing Wuhan footage shows people collapsing in streets amid coronavirus outbreak

A terrifying footage emerged online of alleged citizens in Wuhan falling down in the city streets as medics patrolling in hazmat suits went viral.
         Photo shows multiple people collapsed in the street and inside office buildings.
The SARS-like disease which attacks the respiratory system, has killed at atleast 26 and over 800 were infected. The city has been placed into lockdown. 

Dozens of footage, reportedly filmed in the city has been shared online showing people dropping to the ground showing panicked residents as medics responded with hazmat suits.

It's unclear where or when the footage precisely was taken, though all footage appears to be came from China.

Meanwhile, the Chinese city of Wuhan is rapidly building 1000-bed hospital as a quick response to spreading deadly coronavirus. Report claims the new hospital is designed to treat patients and solve the shortage of existing medical facilities, adding that the building will be prefabricated to reduce speed up construction time.
          Photo credit: PA
            Source: Twitter

Desperate locals has been branded Wuhan as "zombieland" since the deadly virus outbreak.

One footage uploaded from the city appears to show unresponsive man lying on the floor inside a building while waiting in line to get treatment.

In another footage shows a bleeding man in black coat can be seen unconcious as he collapsed on a street in Wuman downtown. Medics responded with fully equipped protective suit to assist the poor citizen. 

While videos surfaced online appear alarming, people are advised to be cautious to protect themselves against spreading virus. 

What are the symptoms?

The new breed coronavirus causes fever as well as respiratory symptoms such as dry cough, difficulty to breathing. It can also cause diarrhea and body ache.

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