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Kristoffer Martin reacts to viral clothing line 'Kain Pepe'

Like many other social media users, GMA7 actor Kristoffer Martin finds offensive to a clothing brand tag line printed on a shirt, "Kain Pepe".

Martin took to social media to expressed his concerned about the brands viral t-shirt. The owner claimed that the viral tag line is to remind adults and teenagers to EAT PROPERLY, since teenagers now a days is lack of proper nutrition because of gadgets and social media.

"Ba't niya dini-defend 'yung brand niya eh in the first place, tunog at basa palang bastos na? Tapos yung ad gagamit ng mga batang babae. Tanga ka?" Martin said on his Twitter account.

Now The response to the clothing line across social media was overwhelming negative. The clothing line "Kain Pepe" draws criticism online, as most of them saying the tagline is promoting sexual abuse to women.

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