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Heartwarming photo of restaurant crew who gave hungry man food has restored faith in humanity

This photo of restaurant crew who gave food to hungry man is worth sharing - to pass on positivity as the New Year start.

A Facebook user Lia Del Castillo, who shared the photos on her Facebook account quickly earned online praised for the people who did the right thing and this gives us hope that faith in humanity still really exist.

Castillo said that she saw an elderly man entering the Yellow Cab restaurant "looking for leftover food on the table." "Seeing nothing, he poured what was left of the pitcher and drank from the used cup."

The moment a man was about to leave the restaurant a crew stopped him and ask him of what he want.

"Sir ano po yun?," the old man replied but I wasn't able to make of what he said. But the waitress replied, "Sandali lang po sir bibigyan ko po kayo ng pagkain," and she asked him to sit down.

"Then she went out to give him a plate, utensils and a glass of softdrink. Curious, I waited for what would happen next.

"To my surprise, the waitress handed him a whole box of pizza. To his delight, the old man almost wanted to cry. He ate and kept the leftover in his bag and waited for the waitress to pass by him. When she did, the old man said Salamat then left," Castillo narrated the heartwarming story on her post.

He added that other people inside the restaurant including her husband also shared a sum to the man.

This simple act of kindness from the crew really commendable that amaze Castillo and the readers, who spare time to go on the comment section of her post.

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