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Netizen claim a possible fatal eruption will occur as major river dries up connecting Taal lake

Taal volcano looks calm today, January 15, but it was observed that the water at Taal's main crater dry up following its initial eruption which began Sunday. Portion of the Pansipit river which hosts a regular fluvial parade also disappeared. 

Even experts earlier are worried it could soon erupt even more violently, putting ten of thousands of people at risk. 

Another "imminent hazardous eruption" could happen "within hours or days," according to the Philippines Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), which is monitoring the volcano on the island of Luzon, reported The Manila Times

People inside an 8.5 mile (14km) radius are evacuated around the danger zone of the erupting volcano. There are also hundreds of aftershocks have been recorded in the last few days, and volcanologists have warned of the dangers of a "volcanic tsunami" in the lake — a huge wave triggered by either earthquakes. 

A Facebook user Pio Goco also shared a warning on his social media account, saying a possible very large and fatal eruption could occur in days.

"TAAL update: 1/15/2020

"This is the explanation of my cousin who is a geologist.

"Pansipit River (the river that connects Taal Lake to the sea) dried up this morning, but water is now coming out of cracks in Lemery. This means the ground is deforming and forcing water away from areas near where the magma is rising to the surface, and diverting it towards surrounding areas. A very large and fatal eruption could occur in days," he said in his post.

Taal volcano is relatively small among other volcanoes, however it is the most active volcanoes in the Philippines.

If the eruptions become larger, it could even indirectly affect capital Manila but it could affect electrical distribution lines or disrupt air travel. Around 50 active volcanoes are found in the Philippine archipelago.

Here's the Alert Level 4 Danger Zone Map of Taal Volcano:

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