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Young girl hit by foul ball at Astros Game suffered permanent brain damage

A 2-year-old girl who was hit in the head by a foul ball during a Houston Astros against Chicago Cubs has suffered permanent brain damage from injury, according to the family's lawyer. 
Richard Mithoff told the Houston Chronicle that the toddler, whose name has not been disclosed, remains on anti-seizure medication after being hit by a line drive by Chicago Cubs outfielder Albert Almora at Minute Maid Park. 

“She (the child) has an injury to a part of the brain, and it is permanent,” Mithoff said. “She remains subject to seizures and is on medication and will be, perhaps, for the rest of her life. That may or may not be resolved.”

Mithoff, on behalf of the family said the toddler had sustained a skull fracture with subdural bleeding, bruising and swelling when the foul ball hit her. The child’s central nervous system has been affected in a manner doctors described as the equivalent of a stroke, he told Houston Chronicle.

Almora's blistering foul ball traveled down the third baseline at Houston's Minute Maid Park at a speed of approximately 100 miles per hour and struck the girl. 

After the game, Almora, who is father of two boys himself, was still devastated about what happened in May 29 incident.

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