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6.8 Magnitude Earthquake In Turkey Turns Ground To Bleed With A Flowing Bloody Red Colour

It's only just the beginning of the second month of 2020, and we've already seen more incidents and odd occurrences around the world.

The 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey has created a surreal phenomenon. The shocking footage shows a ground seemed to bleed, blood-colored liquid are coming out the ground as it was torn apart by seismic forces. 

The earthquake that was centered near Sivrice, Turkey also caused a series of aftershocks ranging about 9 miles. 

While other speculated more supernatural explanations, pointing out some chapters in the bible, other have also directly broke the occurrence of the bloody mess, saying that the red color could be due to dye that's been added into a water supplies to detect leaks.

But, others have challenged the explanations, saying that most of the pipeline are using brighter color such as green or yellow. 

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