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Arrogant man clashes with parking lot security for not paying parking fee went viral, "Mayabang Talaga Ako!"

 A video circulated on social media showed a man and a parking lot security has gotten off on the wrong foot. 

The altercation, which appears to have taken place in an unknown parking lot in Manila, was seemingly sparked after a man doesn't want to pay a parking fee. 

The alleged intoxicated man continue to shout hysterically to a poor parking lot security who was asking him to pay for his parking bill.  

In an effort to solve the situation, it can be heard a man who was taking a video talking to a cashier to call a police as the man continue behaving scandalously.

Towards the end of three-minute eighteen-second video, the man went back to his car which he was about to escape the situation, but he was stopped by the other security guard and urged to pay his bill. 

The man pay his bill in an arrogant manner shouting for a police and barangay!

Watch for the viral video below:

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