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Filipino Man Uses Plastic Balloon To Fight Coronavirus Goes Viral

The Department of Health (DOH) on Wednesday confirmed the third case of novel coronavirus infection in the Philippines that caused alarmed to many Filipinos. 

        Image from Lounel Ayeh Caballes Facebook
People have been scrambling in finding ways to protect their self to a deadly virus, from plastic bottles to fruits and vegetables - this one is the newest makeshift masks so far that bring nostalgia.

Feminine products also have been put to use, including sanitary pads affixed to masks and a bra configured to fit over a man’s face in the absence of actual medical devices.

The latest is a children plastic balloons that was famous in the 90s is making the rounds online, as one Filipino spotted  covering his head with a plastic balloon, though the latter was likely in jest.

                              Image from Lounel Ayeh Caballes Facebook

The inventive protective measures emerged as Filipino health officials warned people not to reuse surgical masks after videos showed some boiling the items and hanging them up to dry, the news outlet reported.

As of Wednesday, the country has recorded 133 suspected cases of novel coronavirus infection—115 of whom are admitted at hospitals while 16 others were already discharged.

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