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Lawyer Honors Stranger Vendor Who Gave Her Fresh Taho In College Because He Know She Came To School With Empty Stomach

They say do good things for others and good things will happened, which is exactly what this taho vendor did to a now lawyer woman.

          Source: Alex Castro / Facebook

Alex, a lawyer, returns back to school where she graduated to honor the taho vendor who helped her all the way until she graduated in college. Alex recalled on her Facebook account the struggle she faced back in her college days, and thanked to tatay mang tataho.

"I imagined myself saying those words to you as I was driving along the University Avenue this morning. Coming home to UP always meant coming home to everything I loved and cherished for eight years, including you. So as I drove around campus, I kept throwing glances at large crowds, or the places you used to frequent, searching for the great mantataho — my Tatay Dong," lawyer Alex Castro wrote on Facebook.

She thanked the taho vendor who was first a stranger to her, the one who give her hope to pursue her dream despite she was financially struggling that time.

"I met you when I was a wide-eyed freshie. We’d see each other at 7am every day, because you were stationed at the building I had my morning class in. We’d chat every morning over taho. Eventually, you found out that I’d always go to school with an empty stomach. So you made it a point to wait for me in the morning, rain or shine, with a fresh cup of taho, every single day for four years, until I finished my undergrad degree," Alex narrated.

Tatay Dong, a superhero for Alex provided her food, one of her supporters in every endeavors she received. Tatay Dong even gave his only jacket for Alex to keep him warm.

"I was just a daughter you picked up along the way, but you were so protective of me. One rainy day in December of 2009, I went to school without a jacket. I remember you were so concerned. So the following morning, you handed me a package along with my taho. When I opened it, it was your jacket. The one you were wearing the previous morning, and all the mornings before that. Your ~only~ jacket. You wouldn’t take it back, and the only thing you said to me when I tried to give it back for the last time is, ‘Nilaban ko na ‘yan, ‘Nak. Iyo na ‘yan," Alex shared.

Now that she is a lawyer, she return the favor by giving him a new jacket to wear.

"Eventually, I was able to return the favor. I got you a new jacket for you to wear. You wore it with so much pride and such a huge smile the morning after, and all the mornings after that. Whenever your friends asked about it, you’d always say, ‘Bigay ng anak ko ‘yan," Alex added.

"Fortunately, earlier today, word got to you that I was in UP. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw you rushing to the Sunken Garden from afar. When you saw me, you immediately embraced me and exclaimed, “I missed you!” It truly felt like a homecoming. You held me so tight, and finally, I was able to tell you the words you said you’d wait to hear from me — “‘Tay, may abogado ka na."

I hope I made you proud, ‘Tay. You deserve all the love in the world."

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