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Sarah G's Mom Divine Allegedly Wants To Transfer All Daughter's Assets To Them Before Marriage?

Divine's intervention to daughter's wedding doesn't stopped two in love hearts. Despite of the alleged drama experienced during their civil wedding on February 20, the couple were unstoppable for their decision to tie the knot.

Undeniably, some parents, for all kinds of reasons simply don't fully approve of their child's choice of life partner. Recently, a Twitter page @Sportshecklerrr posted an alleged claim that Mommy Divine wants all Sarah's assets to transfer to them before marriage, is making the rounds online.

The pre-nup rumors:

"This B.I. came out 2 weeks ago on fashionpulis. Allegedly about Matteo & Sarah. Apparently, Mommy Divine did not only want a pre-nup but wanted Sarah to transfer all her assets to them before marriage. And shes been foiling wedding preparations since they declined to do it," the Twitter post read.

Note: not that we’re saying the sources are 100% reliable. Here is a selection of snapshots from the comment section of the post.

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