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Student shows incredible moves on classic game sack race won first place

Sack race is a classic outdoor game from your childhood that still famous up to this time. This party games are not only tons of fun, but it will helped you burn off all those calories. 

Recently, a student from Cebu Normal University who won sack race went viral after he showed off impressive moves that most of you might never tried. 

In the video shared on Facebook by Leanne Marie, it can be seen a student played sack race in the most easy manner. When the game started all the players are almost the same in their ability until they were about to reach the finished line - this kid flip over all the way to the finish line the lead to his victory. 

To their surprise lookers on the video had made a good laugh after the kid made several cartwheels.

The now viral video has earned over 2.7 million views, 118K shares and 143K reactions.

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