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Maine Mendoza launches fundraising drive for daily wage earners

Maine Mendoza joins fellow celebrities like Bela Padilla who stand to help the Filipinos greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Philippines has implemented the enhanced community quarantine in hope that it will stop the spread of the virus.

The 25-year-old has recently launched a DoNation drive to aid daily wage earners who are now at risk due to the community lockdown. Currently these people are having a hard time  for their families, pay rent and buy medicines.

"Hi everyone! Given the difficult situation we are all facing, I thought of starting the DoNation drive today. This is to help the employees who are not allowed to work because of the community lockdown," Maine said in a Tweet.

On her website she created for dedicated for the DoNation drive she said: 

“We are all required to stay at home, but some people, especially our frontliners, whether be it in the government, food and medical industry have been trying their best to fulfill their duty as our modern heroes on these difficult times,” Mendoza said in her post.

“But the world won’t stop despite the peril of the virus. Consider yourself blessed, if despite all, you can purchase food and sanitation supplies (even hoard!) for your homes. But what about those workers who live on a day-to-day basis? Now that they are obliged not to go to work, how can they survive?” she added.

Mendoza said that for every household that she can help, she will give them P1,000 for their groceries and other essentials.

“This also leads me to the realization that we can all help, in our own little ways, to at least make things easier to those who need it the most,” Mendoza said while urging those who can help to share their spare money for the campaign. “Our share, no matter how big or small, will go a long way.”

Those who are in need of assistance may reach Mendoza through the campaign’s email attached with proof of employment and mobile number

The transaction will be through the G-Cash app and those who wish to donate may send their donations to 09563890291.

Maine assures donors that she will "personally facilitate all the donations". All the G-Cash transactions are transparently posted on her website.

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