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Pinoy students developed contact tracing app and track people in need COVID-19 testing

In a move to help the government combat the coronavirus pandemic, Filipino students from Asian Institute of Management (AIM) have developed a new app dedicated to COVID-19 screening. The ENDCoV app offer an online screening to determine your COVID status, information about the disease, and some guidance on when to seek testing or emergency care. 

The app aims to help address the shortage of COVID-19 testing kits and prioritize the patients in need of immediate care. ENDCoV has a surveillance tool that could easily track people with possible exposure through its contact tracing feature.

The screening tool asks you relevant questions about your symptoms which are based on DOH-approved triage algorithm. After completing the preliminary screening, you'll e taken to a page with recommended next steps that will also suggest whether you need to be tested for COVID-19, consultation, or home quarantine.

The app is now available for download at Google Play and will soon be available at App Store.

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