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Lace bra face masks sold out moment after launch

This Japanese fashionable lace bra face masks was immediately sold out minutes after it was being launched. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic was declared a health threat, mask is strongly recommended to everyone who's doing essential travel especially when engaging to public. As a result, face mask is running out in most retail stores across Japan. 

So to addressed the shortage, many companies that aren't usually involved in mask production have been diverting their interest to make a face mask to even more fashionable way.

Atsumi Fashion, an apparel manufacturer in the city of Himi, Toyama Prefecture, is one who joined the call to provide the public with face masks. Atsumi as a clothing brand uses reusable cloth, from simple colorful padded fabrics into a fashionable lace bra mask. 

According to soranews24, this lace bra mask was first started as a joke, but it quickly generated positive response from the Japanese consumers online.

People are even more interested after the Japanese model and former Terrace House cast member Aya Kondo visited the store and wore the lace bra mask.

The Atsumi Fashion lace bra masks has went on sale last Saturday with a priced at 1,490 yen (US$14), and it is currently sold out moment after it was made available in the public, according to the store's page online.

Due to the demand, the company announced that a new batch of lace bra masks is at works and it will be made available very soon. Atsumi Fashion added to its disclaimer on Rakuten storefront that their product was not meant to replace the surgical masks.

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