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Look: Nature is taking back Boracay, the beautiful side effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Look down into the shore and there is a surprising sight - not just a clean white sand, but also a clear blue water after a month long undisturbed and unpopulated Boracay island. 

It has to be said that nature would breathe along sigh of relief if humans were to disappear.

Amid the unprecedented enhanced community quarantine and lockdown all over the Philippines, fascinating scenes have emerged in the photographs taken by Jack Jarilla.

In Aklan where Boracay is located in the municipality of Malay, local government was forced to imposed national directives and put the place under enhanced community quarantine, an effort to flatten the curve amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The place was off limit to tourists for a while and Jarilla gives us the glimpse of the stunning Boracay. The clarity of the water has improved dramatically and the island has set the reset button is one sentiment doing the rounds on social media at the moment.

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