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Mayor Vico Sotto, Mayor Donya Tesoro are the new social media items being paired online

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto have been trending online for several days now because of his efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). This earned him more admirers who came up with a pairing support online for the young and gorgeous mayor of San Manuel, Tarlac. 

One of the netizen tweeted: "Can we ship Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig and Mayor Donya Tesoro of San Miguel, Tarlac?"

However, the young mayor of San Manuel seems not yet ready for the request of netizen where she replied on a tweet in a jesting manner.

One netizen tweeted  “Ganda ni mayora, bagay sila ni Mayor Vico Sotto ng Pasig.”

“I'm not related to Mayor Vico and I've no time for that. Hehe. Pasensya na po,” the mayor replied.  

The tweet have sent the fans into frenzy! 

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