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Funeral strippers hired to entertain mourners are actually a thing in China

While we need to understand that we have to respect every culture that exists in this world, however this strippers dancing to the beat in the middle of mourners during funerals is a little bit shocking.

If you think that such lewd performance only exist in a night spots, not in some rural areas in China were strippers and pole dancers are hired to entertain mourners. 

Of course, mourners obviously not crying but watching with eyes fully open to the performers, even laughed and cheers to the ladies dancing in sexy lingerie clothes. 

Other was reported, a women performed on stage in front of an electronic screen where a photo of a deceased person displayed with a caption "We offer profound condolences for the death of his man."

Chinese authorities have long been waging war against this kind of practice in rural provinces due to their obscene and vulgar performances at weddings, funerals, and templer events," NY Post cited a Global Times report. 

According to the state-run Global Times, China's tradition of entertaining mourners started as early as the Qing Dynasty. But the striptease was added only during the 1990s, which is often attributed by experts to fertility worship.

“In some local cultures, dancing with erotic elements can be used to convey the deceased’s wishes of being blessed with many children,” Huang Jianxing, a professor at the Fujian Normal University Sociology and History Department, told Global Times.

According to theories, some Chinese families hire strippers and pole dancers to attract more people to come to a funeral - which, they believe, brings honor for their deceased love one.

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