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Kind policeman who gave $100 to a working student GrabFood rider received Php100K from unknown donor

Do good for others and good may happen to you. This was the old saying that we learned  when we're just a child from our beloved parents that still really exist!

If you remember the story of this kind cop who gave his only $100 (Php5,000) to a working student who also worked as GrabFood rider, has received a thousandfold of blessing from anonymous citizen.

The inspiring story which quickly spread online, started when PCPL Jon Nacino caught the Grabfood rider Joshua Basa at a checkpoint for a minor traffic violation. Instead of issuing ticket, the cop was touched by the young man's story as a hardworking student, which indeed, he handed him his long kept $100 in his wallet with a words of encouragement to finish his education.

In exchanged, Joshua promised to the kind officer that he will do better so he will finished college. 

Many have expressed admiration and it turned out that someone was touched with the kind gestures of the police officer . A person who choose to remain anonymous gave him Php100K through his officer in charge.

Check out the video below:

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