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NBI arrested Twitter user who joke about killing the president

If you tweet jokes about killing the President, the NBI will find you.

This is what happened to a self proclaimed attention seeker and teacher known to his Twitter named @RonPrince who was arrested after posting a joke about killing the president.

"I will give 50 Million reward kung sino makakapatay kay Duterte,"  @RonPrince said on Twitter, following with the hashtag #NoToABSCBNShutdown.

Ronel was surprised when agents showed up at his home and he was invited by members of the NBI for investigations.

On the video, it can be seen teary eyed Ronel asking for apology to the president, revealing that he was only seeking for public attention on Twitter. 

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  1. That is why you guys have to think a million times before posting online.


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