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NBI arrests businessman and YouTuber Francis Leo Marcos

The businessman and YouTuber Francis Leo Marcos was arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Tuesday for the alleged violations of the optometry law or the Republic Act 8050.

The NBI-Cybercrime Division arrested Marcos in Quezon City, following the warrant issued by a Baguio City court.

The Optometry Law is "an act that regulate the practice of optometry, upgrade optometric education, integrate optometrists," among others. 

In a spot statement by Marcos, told reporters that he intends to post bail.

Mr. Marcos gained popularity after he started the "Mayaman" challenge on Facebook, aimed to reached out the rich people to extend help to the poor amid the enhanced community quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. He even called out businessmen for failing to help the poor.

His official YouTube channel has over 1 million followers, while supporters of several Facebook pages under his name boasts thousands of followers.

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