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Russian nurse wears underwear under transparent PPE because she was 'Too Hot'

While we understand how hard the life of our health workers while treating their patients with coronavirus. This nurse in Russia decided to get out from her struggle because she was 'too hot' working under her protective gear.

      Source: MailOnline

The nurse bizzare moved went viral after wearing 'lingerie' under a transparent protective suit while working on an all-male coronavirus ward. 

The revealing photo of the nurse clad in a sheer plastic protective suit instantly spread like a virus and drew flak online. The photo was reportedly taken at a regional hospital for infectious disease in Tula, the largest city of Tula region, south of Moscow. 

However, the hospital chiefs were not amused, and the Daily Mail reportedly the unnamed nurse was punished for non-compliance on medical clothing requirement.

The nurse in her 20s said she was 'too hot' wearing her nurses' uniform under the gown. According to her she didn't realise the PPE she wore when treating coronavirus patients was so transparent.

The regional Health Ministry reprimanded the nurse, noting that she had violated guidelines.

“Employees were reminded of the need to comply with the requirements for sanitary clothing and appearance,” the ministry said.  One patient said there was no objection from men in the coronavirus ward while admitting there was 'some embarrassment'.

As of Wednesday, May 20, Russia confirmed 8,764 new coronavirus infections bringing the country's official number of cases to 308,705 with 2,972 death toll.

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