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U.S. Pharma company claims it found antibody that can totally blocks 100% of coronavirus infections

U.S. based biotech company claims to have discouvered an antibody that can totally blocks virus from infecting human cells. Mark Brunswick of Sorrento Therapeutics in San Diego Califonia says this antibody could lead a cure after a successful lab trials.

"Our drug has been shown at least in vitro to neutralize 100% of the virus at least in culture. If that works out in patients, they have no infectious virus left," Brunswick said.

Scientists found STI-1499 binds itself to the coronavirus, stops it from entering 100% to healthy human cells.

When this anti body is present to a person who does not have COVID-19, it provides immunity, the company claims.

"If you've neutralized 100% there's no reason scientifically to not expect that in man. We would not expect any adverse effects with this drug, because our antibody only binds with the virus, not with any other naturally occurring structure in a person," Brunswick said.

The findings will need to be tested in animal before it will be trialled on human for clinical trials. 

The STI-1499 is one of about a dozen antibodies the company says it has found to have some effect on the virus.

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